Price Promise Your battery is one of the most important components of your car, and it is often during cold spells that you can first experience problems. The colder winter months can seriously compromise the effectiveness of your car battery – that’s why we offer a free diagnostic battery check at all of our centres. The battery you require can often depend on vehicle size.

You can find the correct battery size in the owner’s manual.



p>If you are experiencing any problems or have any concerns with your battery, our fully trained battery specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive inspection – completely free of charge! Learn more about our car battery services now. With your comfort and safety in mind, we would recommend that you take advantage of our free diagnostic health check, which provides you with a printed report of the condition of your battery.

The battery is the source of all electricity in your car. We are sure to stock the car battery you require, at a price you can afford so for a competitive quote, simply contact your nearest Formula One Autocentres battery specialist. To ensure your car battery performs reliably at all times, it is essential to maintain it properly.

If you’re concerned about the performance of your car battery, simply visit your nearest Formula One Autocentres for a free battery check. By following these simple steps you can help to keep your car battery in peak condition, improving its performance and extending its life: This can be at the very least inconvenient, or, if you find yourself stranded in extreme conditions, potentially dangerous. We stock an extensive range of leading and budget brands of car batteries and offer free fitting with every battery purchase.

If you’re unsure, visit your nearest Formula One Autocentres branch – our trained experts will be able to perform a free battery health check and advise which car battery your vehicle needs. Learn more about the signs of a dead car battery now, as well as how to charge a car battery from our detailed guides. We are the leading UK independent fitter and dealer of car batteries.

Spot negative signs of battery failure. Common signs that your car battery may be faulty include: . take positive steps to preserve battery life For added peace of mind, all Formula One Autocentres batteries are covered by a 3 year unlimited mileage guarantee. It powers the starter and ignition; it supplies extra power when needed and ensures a smooth flow of electrical energy.

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